We have special speakers during the summer on Wednesday evenings. Check the FRIENDS tab for details. Come join us for Sunday evenings with "Summer in the SON". Check out the details under the FAITH tab.



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What to expect

Things that you will find at the Eastwood Church of Christ....

A family that loves you.
A congregation that sees itself as a spiritual family.
A congregation that follows the Word of God.
A congregation that teaches the Good News to the lost.
A congregation that sings praises to God with brothers and sisters.
A congregation that reaches out to the community by offering family counseling through a licensed therapist, food for the needy, and free educational seminars.
A congregation that is dedicated to inspiring and encouraging our youth through many classes, activities, and programs.
A congregation that offers Ladies Bible Class every Wednesday morning.
A congregation that offers Men's Bible Class every Thursday morning.
A congregation that will help you feel welcome.